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    Polyspace® static code analysis products use formal methods to prove the absence of critical run-time errors under all possible control flows and data flows. Automated static code analysis using formal methods for C/C++ and Ada. Polyspace static analysis tools check the code for. Polyspace Code Prover™ is a sound static analysis tool that proves the absence of overflow, divide-by-zero, out-of-bounds array access, and certain other. Polyspace is a static code analysis tool for large-scale analysis by abstract interpretation to detect, or prove the absence of, certain run-time errors in source .

    Polyspace®. The Polyspace product family provides code verification tools that, through static code analysis, prove that the C/C++ and Ada source codes are. During Daedalus project, PolySpace has developped PolySpace Verifier, the first tool for the automatic detection of runtime errors at compilation time through. MathWorks expanded its Polyspace product family with the introduction of two new code verification tools: Polyspace Code Prover and.

    But, robustness concerns may still exist. – Undetected run-time errors will cause catastrophic failure. ▫ Polyspace: static code analysis using formal methods. The information on this page was provided by outside contributors and has not been verified by SEI CERT. The table below can be re-ordered.