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    Sprite npc ragnarok download

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    Sprite npc ragnarok

    4_F_CLOCKDOLL1. ID: (0x). 4_F_FAIRY ID: (0x). 4_F_PINKWOMAN ID: (0x). 4_FAIRYDEADLEAF1. ID: (0x). 4_FROG1. Browsable listing of all RagnarokOnline NPC sprites, updated with every kRO Renewal update. Includes non-kRO NPC sprites as well. 1_M_SIGNROGUE1. ID: (0x32A). 4_F_VALKYRIE1. ID: (0x32B). TW_TOWER1. ID: (0x32C). 2_M_OLDBLSMITH2. ID: (0x32D).

    Ragnarok Online NPC List. list compiled by Nymphicus and Syaoran on NPC Chart. Click on a sprite to see its details. Is there any working online or offline official NPC lists? Sadly this is the only one: that is really outdated. The most. Am first design Sprite Pretty or not pretty, I ask forgiveness for mistakes. Bunny of playboy npc for your casino or mansion in RO add bmp for each npc enjoy.

    jRO NPC sprites pack (12/) This pack contains 23 NPC sprites from someone knows if other RO offi servers have some specific sprites?. She is no longer active in the RO scene and my old server is no longer active so I just thought it would be is this same tutorial for NPC sprite?. Cant find File: Sprite - posted in Technical Support/Bug Reporting: I need Can't find Ragnarok Renewal Shortcut. .. I done some fixing but other problems appear, then suddenly I'm all alone at Prontera No NPC No player.