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    Hsien ko mugen

    FlareGamer 27th October at Oh I'm definitely going to be downloading and testing this Hsien-ko later. I Like This 2 I Dislike This. YOUTUBE → TWITTER → https://twitter. com/guisantos FACEBOOK. Took longer than expected to make this video as I have been doing other things on the side but alas heres the first installment of this series of.

    Me testing out a beta of an MVC patch I'm making for Zelgadis' Hsien-Ko. Not done yet but it feels decent to play right now. Un mugen de darkstalker vs street fighter. Mugen HSIEN KO VS VEGA. Hsien ko Hsien ko Lei lei. Loading Unsubscribe from Hsien ko. Darkstalkers / Vampire Hunter Mugen Characters. Jedah Dohma: Kong(MvC2) , Vs Style Debuts Team(MvC); Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko: Vs Style Debuts Team(MvC). Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei. Zelgadis STAGES PACKS. From ShenronMugen . Where's hsienthm's MvC1 Morrigan and my Morrigan?. Hsien-Ko (Lei-Lei, レイレイ, Rei-Rei in Japan) is a playable character from Darkstalkers series. She is based off the Chinese hopping vampire, known as Jiang. Description Dat STH palette:3 Felicia by Jesuszilla (Sonic The Hedgehog Palette by JDM) Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko by POTS Stage: Sonic 4 Ep Splash Hill Zone by.